🇦🇺 airbnb x KISS x animals experiences launch

The launch of Airbnb Animal Experiences with KISS


We helped airbnb put world rockstars KISS on a boat in the middle of the Indian ocean off the coast of South Australia & play a concert to sharks and exclusive airbnb guests.

What we've done

1. Live event coordination

2. Video production and photography for entire event and world wide distribution

3. Documentation of the entire event

4. Not get eaten by sharks in the process

Apostle Digital had the privilege to help promote the launch of Airbnb Animal Experiences - a brand new category of Airbnb Experiences that allows people to better understand animals through caring, expert hosts, setting a new standard for animal tourism.

To celebrate the launch, Apostle Digital with Airbnb produced a one-of-a-kind, bookable experience which featured one of the greatest rock & roll bands in history, KISS.

Learning that great white sharks are drawn to rock and roll music, they performed live to their underwater fans and a select group of Airbnb guests on a boat, three hours off the coast of South Australia.

The Apostle team, in collaboration with Airbnb and its partner agency, managed the concert production as well as the film production for the promotion and execution of this exciting campaign.

Several challenges occurred in the logistics of transporting top tier talent safely 3 hours into open water, full live production in the middle of the sea and capturing the event with a 12 hour turnaround time to deliver a vast selection of imagery and video content globally.

The campaign also garnered notable top tier media coverage in over 1400 outlets worldwide including 7News Australia, the New York Times, USA Today and Forbes.

It was a pleasure to be a part of this project and see this unique project come to life.

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