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5 x return on ad spend video campaign for ecommerce product range Happy Skin Co!

Happyskinco is a thriving online beauty skin care company and approached us to revamp their existing product communication for a new product launch in the market the HAPPY SKIN GEN 2.

We saw an opportunity to differentiate their brand in the market from their competitors with a premium edge combined with simple storytelling.

Challenges included a very short time frame of production to delivery. We met this challenge by including an extended team of prized contractors to meet the short turn around. Using our in house communication network we were all able to keep in sync in line with the vision as the pre production through delivery timeline was a short one with little room for error.

We brought in high end luxury photographer from the likes of Calvin Klein, Gucci and Louis Vuitton to capture their brand in an exciting new way that would lift their existing connection with their consumer.

We gave their product an apple syle graphical treatment and created a photographic and 3D based ad campaign direct to consumers. We then complimented this with an emotional filmed ad campaign that saw the product in use at home.

The result? The targeted campaign brought in an all time high increase of new customers at almost 5x return on ad spend and was their most successful campaign launch to date for their black friday sales Q4.

Their Black Friday sale brought their brand to the forefront of their consumer and is consistently driving new demand for their product today.

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